NCCI was founded by a group of like-minded and passionate community leaders who are all running their own Noongar businesses.

Our organisation bridges the gap between the commercial world in which all businesses operate and Noongar community cultural values. We exist to support the creation of sustainable Noongar businesses.

In 2018, NCCI is open for membership. Noongar businesses are encouraged to join for free until 30 June 2019.

We are building support and alternative funding to develop our offering and demonstrate the value of membership. Our association has a strong partnership and alliance with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry WA – the peak advocacy group for business in our State. CCIWA has provided strategic and practical support, including office space at its headquarters in East Perth.

NCCI Logo V1.png

Our logo

The NCCI logo depicts a small stone, or “booya”, landing in the water. In Noongar culture the booya was used as a trading currency and today, we use the word when we are talking about money.

In the image, the booya is thrown into the water and a ripple effect is created on the surface of the water. This represents the flow-on of success we will create when Noongar businesses come together to support our economic advancement.

Benefits of membership

NCCI membership will provide you with the capacity, skills and knowledge to grow your business to its potential. We will empower you through our collective experience and knowledge, connect you with real opportunities and build your network.

Membership will build your capacity to generate wealth for you, your family and your community. You will also have the opportunity to share your challenges and successes with like-minded professionals and build your support structures, culturally and commercially.

Our services

  • Advocacy
  • Capacity building
  • Networking – events, expos and training
  • Support services – secretarial, pension advice, funeral planning and support
  • International trade
  • Tax and legal support/referrals


  • After June 2019, NCCI will receive membership fees from ordinary members and will also receive membership fees from associate members.
  • Associate members, or corporate partners, pay fees depending on the level of support and services required from our organisation.
  • NCCI provides advisory services to government and private contractors on how to manage the indigenous component of large infrastructure contracts undertaken on Noongar land.
  • NCCI is pursuing grant funding to assist with start-up administration costs until memberships and partnerships are better established.


NCCI is a self-sustaining organisation which assists with the Indigenous participation component of major projects within the South West Region of WA.

NCCI can assist government and private contractors in the process of commercial engagement with the Noongar community.

We facilitate the development of current and future businesses within the Noongar community. This enables Noongar businesses to successfully tender for the Indigenous component of large projects on Noongar Country.

We do this through providing assistance in the following areas of strategic engagement:

  • Business coaching throughout the life cycle of a business
  • Managing the interaction between cultural awareness and commercial engagement
  • Employment/training
  • Procurement
  • Project management
  • Advising government and private organisations on implementing the indigenous component of major projects undertaken on Noongar country.
  • Providing other services as part of capacity building such as mentoring, networking, training and conferences.