Our values

Noongar people understand the need to support, embrace and engage with any individual or group conducting existing or new commercial activities in the South West of WA.  We welcome economic activity on Noongar country and encourage you to understand and respect our protocols so we can enjoy shared prosperity.

The values of the NCCI are underpinned by the Noongar Business Protocols:

  • NCCI will be the link between the cultural and commercial activities of Noongar people.
  • We will facilitate, empower and enable Noongar businesses to become successful and create sustainable wealth.
  • We will uphold the principles of the Noongar cultural way in how we conduct ourselves in business dealings with both Noongar and non-Noongar peoples.
  • Our wealth creation strategy will enable the next generation of businesses within the Noongar community to build sustainable wealth and long-term business opportunities for our Noongar community.
  • The life cycle of Noongar people will guide the development of new businesses and the strengthening of existing Noongar businesses.