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Danny Ford


Danny Ford is a Noongar with connections to the Wadjuk, Yuet, Ballardong and Wilman clans.  He has carved out a successful career as a consultant after almost 30 years in the WA public service. Danny has a Bachelor of Social Work and a Diploma of Teaching and has worked in child protection, family support, housing, mental health and Aboriginal affairs.

His consulting business provides cultural awareness training, indigenous engagement advice and meeting facilitation, among other business services. Danny also sits on the boards of the Clontarf Foundation, Polly Farmer Foundation, ICEA and the Wungening Aboriginal Corporation (formerly known as AADS). 

Danny believes the world of business is the last frontier for the Noongar Nation to recover from the impact of dispossession and wants to see Noongar people become “the owners of the means of production.” He envisages the NCCI being the entity that will advocate for a better deal and recognition from the wider business world and be the portal from which Noongar businesses can make their start and grow to be successful.